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Britain's Bomb Attacks are a Reminder!

Rosie O'Donnell's 4-year-old daughter Vivienne
dressed up in military fatigues with toy ammunition

Today's headline in The New York Times:

In Hunt for Bomb Plotters,
Britain Sees a Qaeda Link

reminded me of some stocks that
are considered "anti-terrorist" stocks.

They are:


What others am I missing?


Anonymous said...

Its a reminder that everyone must remain vigilant and on alert. Terrorists are not going to stop unless neutralized. They have made it pretty clear that they would like to wipe us off the map.

Jeff said...

Thanks TG- I'll see what I can come up with!

Trading Goddess said...

Market Spec,

It is so hard for me to wrap my brain around the concept of someone wanting to actually cause "harm" to another person. I just don't get how they can even justify what they do.


Trading Goddess said...


No pressure! I realize you have a ton on your plate.

Anonymous said...

That kid is homely looking.

Trading Goddess said...


My stance on kids and guns is obviously quite different than Rosie's... I totally do not approve of the pic at all.

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