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Hello everyone!

Wow! What a blast we had!

I partied unbelievably! (note to self: Don't drink rum and KO and then follow it up with a gazillion beers! lol!) I met a lot of people. We really had a lot of fun! However, the chopping up of Vicodin in plain view and going #2 in the parking garage during the night by some of the people in line was extremely disgusting to me. :(

T.G., Jr. and I got about 3 hours of sleep in line. Good thing I had the sense to bring chairs, blankets and pillows. :) On Friday morning, people brought over donuts and people left to get coffee. I went to SWY to use the restroom and buy some aspirin. hehe

There was a guy running around holding up a sign that read "My arms are tired". LOL! We were able to leave our spaces on Friday as our chairs were "saving our places in line" and we visited a lot of the businesses around the Apple Store. Barnes and Noble, Tiffany's, Tommy Bahama, Pottery Barn Kids, and more.

It was pretty hot as we waited in line and Apple employees came out with cases of SmartWater, which as we all know is a KO product, and gave them free to all of us that were waiting in line. They did this about 3 times! Wow! SmartWater! woohooo!

Restaurants were getting in on the act, giving away free little samples of things. The JambaJuice lady was really very customer-service oriented, which you all know I adore and encourage all businesses to be like! California Pizza Kitchen's management looked out the window and saw the iPhone line, and decided to capitalize on the moment by sending their staff out to "wait" the line, taking orders and serving pizzas and beverages. lol!

I even "sold" T.G., Jr.'s space in line, as we were only buying one iPhone! Woohoo! That helped ease the pain of the price as after activation, monthly plan, actual iPhone, taxes, and belt clip carrying case... the grand total was about $815.00!

We got free T-shirts like the one Steve Wozniak is holding here:

My take on the iPhone?

Well, I am not done "exploring it all", but as you know... it is not for gamers. And there is no video camera, for some strange reason. The ability to take a 30 sec video would be terrific in my opinion.

The other thing that bugs me is that you can not go to YouTube.com and watch any old video there you want, because of the Flash. So, YouTube is busy making the vids iPhone compatible. But I knew that beforehand.

I had no problems activating it. I did not have an account already and it was a breeze to set it up! :) The phone sounds clear. The web browsing is fun. T.G., Jr. loves the iTunes part of it. I am still checking on where to "get" movies to watch on it. I wish they made the "keyboard" able to be in landscape mode, but it is only set at the regular screen. I guess this is supposed to be terrific for "thumbing"... I will see.

The thing that bugs me is the fingerprints on it! Yikes! Smudges and fingerprints all over the darn thing! bleah! Not that I think I am obsesssive about it, but it does really bother me. :( O.K. Maybe I am obsessing about it! So... being the creative entrepreneur that I am... LOL! I have invented:


Yes... a little pouch of iPhone screen wipes that has a string that you can attach to your keychain, case, or beltclip. Email me if you are interested in buying one. Only $3.99 ea.


Well, T.G., Jr. and I made some great memories. I am sure there will be better "iPhones" in the future. I am just happy to say we were part of the beginning. :)


chach said...

Is it everything you had hoped for and more?? lol

Marxist said...

Pretty funny. My very first reaction was that everyone is going to want some kind of screen cleaner.

At least it is a good quality glass. So, even windex will do.

eTrader said...

TG & TGjr's big adventure
sounds like fun!
"My arms are tired" LOL
I agree, they should have included a video camera.

Happy 4th! :)

Trading Goddess said...


It is pretty cool... :)

Trading Goddess said...


Getting the Windex out as I type this...

Trading Goddess said...


Yes, we do have some good adventures together! :)

Glad you got that "My arms are tired". Some of the people in line did not "get it". hehe

As far as the video cam... I could swear even a Mac laptop has one. ???

Anyway, I figured out the keyboard. Just had to turn the thing sideways... LOL!

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