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Wow! Look at the Volume!

These stocks are up in price and up in volume by:

COGN +2,219%
PEJ +660%
PMR +604%
GCOM +604%
XRT +395%
SPSS +353%
CRL +312%
CELL +229%
RDK +185%
PSEM +180%
SRX +145%
CHTT +121%
MCD +111%
ZOLT +110%
AMTD +102%
MIDD +100%
VMW +96%
PSEM +89%
ENER +81%
MFLX +78%


wincity said...

VMW down in volume now. TG, I admire your sunny side but you don't feel there could be something wrong with this market? You think it's impossible that we might be entering a bear market? The bull is pretty old, after all. And China can't grow 11% every year. Maybe even China would have to follow cycles?

Anonymous said...

Wow, that chick has some nice attributes. And I'm pretty sure they are unenhanced, the au natural variety. Anybody know who she is?

Trading Goddess said...


I do read the headlines. I am aware of the "sentiment".

Now, what stock do you believe will go up in a bear market?

Trading Goddess said...


I am glad you are pleased with my

Hey, can you do me a favor? Would you mind typing in a "name" when you next comment? It makes it easier for me to keep track of everyone around here.


wincity said...

Do you always have to BUY stocks? :)

Dallas said...

There is always QID during a little bear run to help ease the pain QQQQ & QID doing there switcharo. It can't go up all the time. Take that Breather that TG suggests. She does it so well.

john said...


In the long run, the choice to buy rather than sell stocks is a logical choice to make. Stocks can only go to zero, so the most you can make is 100% ROI on the downside, but ROI is theoretically unlimited on the long side.

And nothing wrong with taking a breather under adverse mkt conditions . The intelligent investor can sits on the sidelines choosing only to buy when the odds of winning are favorable. This is an important positional advantage.

Trading Goddess said...


If you actually "followed" me, you would know the answer is "no".

btw, you did not answer my question...

Trading Goddess said...


Good to see you! :)

I do have a couple "short the market" posts somewhere. I will dig them up and do an update.

Thanks for the reminder.


Trading Goddess said...

And I think that everyone should know that Wincity is not a long. He is a daytrader and I have known him for a while. I am not sure what his sudden interest is...

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