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Another Email from Fast Money's Dylan Rattigan!

(It feels so wonderful to get an email from him! mmmm!)

"Although we had volatile, tumultuous week on Wall St., a couple strong trading days on Thursday and Friday took the edge off a tough start to October.

To wit: in the first 10 days of October alone, the Dow lost more than a fifth of its value. But with this week in the books, we got some of that loss back in the form of a 6.5% jump. Volatility is here to stay my friends, and trading within the madness is what we may have to get used to going forward.

Taking a closer look, some sectors doing well this week were energy, health care, and surprisingly, the financials. With the credit freeze thawing, and the Treasury taking stakes in U.S. banks, we started seeing the financials turning the corner. With equities feeling a slight uptick, oil and gold plunged to depths we haven’t seen in quite some time. Even with oil’s slight Friday rebound, prices still hovered around $70 a barrel, a level we haven’t seen since the August 2007.

And with that, we turn our attention to next week's slew of earnings. With all the irrational trading going on in the market, the return of earnings season may bring us back to looking at fundamentals and offer the one thing investors desperately want: terra firma.

Lets start with tech, where heavyweights like Apple, Yahoo, and Microsoft will report next week. The iPhone maker will report earnings on Tuesday after the bell, exactly a week after it held its big laptop event in San Francisco.

Frequent sparring partners Yahoo and Microsoft report as well, and the big question is whether Microsoft will dip back in the Yahoo sweepstakes. The big man himself, Carl Icahn, told Fast Money this week he thinks a deal needs to get done. The other big sector providing an opening act to earnings season is big pharma.

Drug stocks battled a tough tape last week, with Abbot Labs and Genentech surprising the street with solid earnings during this time of slowing economic activity. Pharma companies like Pfizer, Amgen, Wyeth, Merck, and Bristol Myers look to give us a little relief from an irrational market.

And as we enter a possible global economic slowdown, a good question to ask ourselves is whether drug stocks are the best defensive plays in this market?

Also on the earnings front, Rails. Union Pacific, Burlington Northern, and Norfolk Southern will provide investors with a glimpse into the transport sector. Oil and coal prices have been dropping; will the rails churn those cost savings into higher profits?

Earnings and volatility. Two crucial ingredients for what promises to be another wild week on Wall Street. Remember, an open market, particularly a volatile one, is a market in which you can make money. So let's try and do that all next week."


If you have questions about The Final Trade or suggestions for Fast Money, please send an email to FastMoney@cnbc.com


BUY ON THE DIP said...

do all beautiful women have a crush on DR? Or what?

My wife, who could care less about stocks, seems to find interest only when he's on camera. Hmmmm...?

Trading Goddess said...

lol! I have a crush on all of them at Fast Money!

Anonymous said...

That's not Dylan's picture. Dyleanne maybe. NICE Does that mean there will be a New Bottom tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

those Fast Money dudes are like junior high school jocks running around the locker room snapping towels...

John C. Lee said...

Finerman's HOT!

heh...i don't know

JD said...

hopefully that pic will answer the which color panty is sexier debate....sweet

Trading Goddess said...


Trading Goddess said...

btw, JD...

Are you "my" JD that lives in my area?

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