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It's The Little Things That Count

My dear readers,

Did you know it is sooooo very easy to nickel and dime yourself to death?

It is the little things that count in saving money! The little things add up to big things!

How many of us are living paycheck to paycheck and never seem to have any extra money to save?

Well, here are some tips from myself, as well as my Twitter friends, to save money each month:

  • I recommend automatic savings mechanisms. Direct withdrawl from your paycheck before you get it ensures saving.

  • Cut my own hair. been doing it for ten years now. no lines, no waiting, and no lousy magazines.

  • Take your leftovers to work for lunch a few times a month to save some money... walk or ride a bicycle to work.

  • Quit drinking those $SBUX coffees! Drink more tap water.

  • I buy on ebay and craigslist from other progressives, keeping the money in the LOOP.

  • Make food from scratch vs purchasing prepared. No mixes, microwave, etc. Also, buy locally grown when possible.

  • I make sure I always bring my Safeway and QFC cards when I do my groceries. I also cut my Red Bull and Starbucks habits ;)

  • We watch movies at home instead of going out to the theater.

  • I convince friends to convene at my place, rather than a bar, and I serve liquor and beer bought cheaply at the store.

  • Car pool with a close living family member or friend when i go shopping, and go with out dual monitors once a week.

  • I remind myself what I already have. Then, impulse buys don't seem so tempting.

  • Sold our SUV.

  • To save on gas: when on steep hills, any upgrade, turn off a/c or heater until on the dn side, and don't accelerate. It's noticeable.

  • All month I've been bringing my lunch from home which saves me about $30 a week.

  • Switching to mass transit. How about tweaking smart thermostat?

  • I save and then deposit any $5 bill I get from change, etc. Added up to about $50 so far.

  • We try to walk to as many places in town as we can to cut gas usage; this also limits how much we can buy at any one place.

  • Look into free transportation benefits offered by employers e.g. transit passes, carpool incentives.

  • I am using energy efficient light bulbs.

  • Spend money on good ingredients rather than eating out, cut own hair (and family's), good style rather than fast fashion.

  • Follow Buffet's advise: install a slot machine in your house and invite friends to play.

  • I stopped buying magazines at the checkout.

  • To save buck: hop on my bike for short trips. cook dry beans/lentils/chickpeas from scratch instead of opening a can.

  • I cancelled my membership to the Gym and work out at home now.

  • Fewer trips to town - i live rurally, so i plan all errands into one trip, rather than many. saves time & gas=$$$.

  • I buy in bulk and only order out for lunch once a wk w/ the office.

  • I make our meals from scratch & shop on store sale days using coupons on sale or clearanced items.

  • Long time ago I decided to put my mind on making money instead of saving it... sorry hun... can't help here :)

  • Check air pressure in tires, buy store brand

  • Stick to grocery list, buy in bulk & separate, make most stuff from scratch, limit takeout, coffee @ home, make cleaners.

  • We moved to a less expensive apartment. We are saving a lot of money every month just from that!

  • Take my lunch to work 4 out of 5 days per week...use company provided exercise facilities.

  • Make noodle or rice veg combos for kids in thermos & muffins, cookies 4 school lunches. To have 4 next day, hide in freeezer.

What else are you doing each month
to save money? I would love to hear about it!


JR Moreau said...

Great ideas! Tweeters are good for all sorts of advice!

Trading Goddess said...


btw, are you related to the good Dr.? heh heh

Unknown said...

Great advice, I actually have cut down on my Starbucks habit as well, but my drive to and from work is killing me!

I did, however, find this site that I can earn some gas money while I am on my downtime at work. Its called AdvertisingShowdown.com. So far I cash out about $20 per week, and it doesn't take too long. You might be interested to check it out.

Daniel said...

I thought we were suppose to spend money to spark the economy?
Oh well, thanks for the tits, I mean tips.
Have a great weekend TG.

Jade Money said...

Gosh TG,

If you cut your own hair...then I should at leat try. How hard can a #2 razor be anyway?

Saving pennies everywhere I can now.

LOL...I have a hedge to trim:)

Have a great weekend.

Unknown said...

you may be an early adapter to a new/old way for Americans to live, within their means, Ben Franklin and other of our forefathers would be proud of you, i wonder how many people still bend over and pick up a penny on the street, i'm old enough to remember when that penny meant a piece of candy at the little store on the corner near school, have a great weekend and enjoy the greatest gift of all, your family

Anonymous said...

Hey I've always been a BIG saver. Like 50% of income.

Well, guess what, I lost 20% of it all this year. Hmmmmm, what a nice Porsche 911 that would have been.

So, it's good to have a bit of a cushion, but these days when the money you don't spend is going to end up flushed down the drain, I gotta wonder what's the point.

Not to mention if hyper-inflation comes you will simply watch that money burn away.

Trading Goddess said...


tsk! tsk! *stamps foot*

Are you forgetting this is a family site?

John C. Lee said...

so....buying liquor is ok then?


Anonymous said...

I split plys of toilet paper.

Hey times are tough!

I can't spare a square

Anonymous said...

TG, here in Arkansas, Entergy has a plan designed to help its customers save a little. Its called "Time-of-Use Rate" and is described at:


Other power suppliers may have similar plans. I have a timer on water heater and programmable thermostat on A/C and set them accordingly. Also I wash clothes and do my cooking, etc in off peak hours as much as possible.

I live 11 miles out of town also and always make lists of what I need to do and buy when I do go to town.

Also I've accumulated so much over the years that I only replace what's broken or worn out instead of needing to buy the newest and best things around.

Unknown said...

Turn down the furnace and have lots of sex and cuddling. Sex a day keeps the doctor away and no excercise equipment necessary. Not only hat it keeps the fire in the marriage burning and the divorce lawyers away and losing half.

Joe Lerner said...

Good ideas. I save on haircuts because I let my hair grow.

Pulse 'n glide driving gives me 15 to 20% more gas mileage.

Bulk buying, lots of rice, dry beans, etc.

Shop sales.


Trading Goddess said...

Terrific ideas everyone!

Thank you for your comments! It is appreciated. I am sure we all have found one in other's suggestions that we were not doing before. woohoo!

P.S. The sex one is tres cool! mmmmm!

Anonymous said...

i learned to do things in a form of 80/20. you do things 80% of the time correctly, and do 20% of the time your way... if you dont you go crazy, you feel depressed etc etc... i tried all these methods way before you posted this for years etc and i felt very depressed felt like i was just savings like crazy money money but for what? i didnt even know... well now i do the 80/20 method where i do things right but sometimes i do use the car to go shopping and get starbucks from time to time.. use the 80/20 rule people, if you dont you'll go crazy.

Trading Goddess said...

Thank you elu21,

Your idea is very much appreciated!

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