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Wow! Look at Some More Volume!

These stocks were up in price and up in volume by:

CCC +544%
STMP +365%
PSEC +296%
CERN +293%
DECK +260%
CWCO +238%
CPRT +235%
APSG +231%
EBF +228%
PRXL +223%
MCRS +220%
AET +218%
ITMN +218%
TMW +217%
NGPC +217%
BOBE +209%
ISRG +199%
INSU +198%
IRBT +195%
VSAT +195%
SBAC +193%
SLH +192%
PAYX +192%
LG +189%
LMNX +179%
CHRW +174%
WBSN +168%
FCN +164%
CSGP +134%
HPY +130%
CSH +119%
PSSI +118%
QSII +118%
LPHI +104%
DMND +95%
APEI +86%
SJW +85%
CMP +83%
MTSC +82%
WAB +80%
NETL +69%
FELE +66%
AAON +66%
HOMB +62%


John C. Lee said...

ummm...that looks like my friend

HAHA I wish lolz

Trading Goddess said...

What are you doing up?

Go to bed and get some rest!

You need it!

PRD trader said...

Bargain hunters r in the market!What do you reckon goddess?

Anonymous said...

Please tell me, where do you get this wonderful list.

Trading Goddess said...


Thank you for stopping by as well as taking the time to post your comment. It is appreciated.

Bargain hunters? hmmm...

I do not know.

Stocks still can get cheaper, no?

Trading Goddess said...


I do love nice manners. Thank you. Would you mind using a nickname next time you stop by? That would be terrific!

The list is a compilation from sites such as this one.


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