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Awesome! A Recycled Phone that is Solar-Powered!

Samsung launches solar-powered phone

BARCELONA (Reuters) - Global number two mobile phone maker Samsung launched five new phones on Monday including a model made from recycled plastic with a solar panel on the back for charging.

Samsung said in a statement its "Blue Earth" solar-powered model had a touch screen and was made from plastic taken from used water bottles. It did not give pricing information or say when the phone would go on sale.

Samsung also launched two phones with 8-megapixel cameras, the Ultratouch and OmniaHD, and two music phones, the BeatDJ and BeatDisc.

Now, what I want to know is... why "launch" something but not have it for sale yet? waaaaaaaaa!

Bottom Line:

I want one!!!


zstock said...

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zstock said...

Why would they ( Samsung) launch something and then not sell it?
Beats the heck out of me, as well

Opalcutter5 said...

Because they're "floating " the idea before committing the resources
to it . I'm sure they have prototyped it though--
-I have a engineer friend in the Philipines setting up a cell phone factory-he's probably in charge of it !!

Trading Goddess said...

Floating the idea is different than launching, no?

Opalcutter5 said...

Yes indeed.If they can create a buzz around it they would have the "next"iPhone , they might reason.
People with iPhones and crackberrys are willing to pay a premium- a desirable consumer.
Otherwise cells are a commodity.
I paid $0 for mine.It is a platform to sell me service+text pacs.
Nice to see you Goddess.

Trading Goddess said...

But does yours do dishes?


Nice to see you as well.

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