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Many Marijuana Stocks Jumped 35% on Monday: Will They Continue to Get High or Go Up in Smoke?

If you thought that stocks in all the sectors seemed to be drifting downwards recently, you probably didn’t notice that the marijuana industry has been smoking.
For example, Cannabis Sativa (CBDS) jumped over 36% on Monday. This is the company that Gary Johnson, the Libertarian presidential candidate, resigned from in January as CEO and Director, in order to run for president.
General Cannabis (CANN) rose by 31%, Cannabis Science (CBIS) went up by 29%, and Medical Marijuana (MJNA) went up by about 21%.
So what’s the reason for all this activity? The upcoming election. Marijuana legalization in some fashion is on the ballot in ten states, which is a record in terms of marijuana measures in one election.
The states that are involved are as follows:
North Dakota

Some measure just involved medical marijuana, such as Arkansas and Florida. Other states have measures to legalize recreational marijuana, in addition to medical marijuana. Most investors are looking at Proposition 64 in the state of California, due to the size of the state’s population. Many investors believe that if California legalizes, then the cannabis stocks will take off.

Marijuana Stock Index

Look at the above chart of the Marijuana Stock Index. Back in late 2013, the pot stocks skyrocketed. Many investors in the medical arena became millionaires almost overnight, at least on paper.

The companies that make up this list are as follows:
Advanced Cannabis SolutionsCANN
Cannabis Sativa CBDS
Cannabis ScienceCBIS
GreenGro TechnologiesGRNH
GrowLife Inc.PHOT
Hemp Inc.HEMP
Medical Marijuana MJNA
 Agritek Holdings (MediSwipe)AGTK
Pharmos Corp.PARS
Planda BiotechPLPL
Terra TechTRTC
Valeant PharmaceuticalsVRX

One thing to keep in mind before investing in these stocks are that most of them are very low cap and extremely speculative.
If you are looking for a list of over 120 stocks that are connected to the marijuana industry in some way, go HERE.

It remains to be seen what will happen to these stocks, or what happens with the ballot measures, for that matter. Just remember, if you invest in a small cap stock, be prepared to lose it all.
Disclosure: Author owns CBDS, HEMP, and MJNA.


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