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Investing and Trading Books for your Holiday Reading Pleasure

Are you looking for some reading during the holidays? Are you looking for some books that you can spend your Amazon (AMZN) gift cards on? Here is a selection.


These books are all about either day trading, swing trading, or investing in stocks and all have an average of four or more stars on Amazon.
Investment Guide
by Gary Charles Palmer
Unleash Your Investments
by John Hagensen
Stock Traders Almanac
by Jeffrey A. Hirsch
(every stock trader should have this book)
Day Trading Journal
Wall Street News Network
Stock Trading Journal
Wall Street News Network
Investment Trivia
by Fred Fuld III


You have probably seen those ads on TV about flipping houses and investing in real estate. Before dipping your foot in the water, maybe you should read up on buying and renting homes. The following are some recent top selling books on real estate investing, shown by category. Read, learn, and invest.
Rental Property Investing
by Charles Pennyfeather


Strategize to Win
By Carla A. Harris
A Wall Street veteran offers proven strategies for success.
The Pocket Small Business Owner’s Guide to Building Your Business
By Kevin Devine
Each step of the entrepreneur’s journey.
Boost Your Career
By Sander Flaum and Mechele Flaum
How to climb the corporate ladder.
The Serving Mindset
By Farnoosh Brock
Practical guide to making sales pitches.
The 7 Principles of Public Speaking
By Richard Zeoli
Improve your communication skills.
10-Minute Focus
By Daniel Walter
Guide to maintaining your focus and maximizing productivity.
Chasing the High
By Michael G. Dash
How to manage the highs and lows of business.
Getting to Yes
By Roger Fisher, William Ury, and Bruce Patton
Master the art of win-win agreements.
Your Living Trust & Estate Plan
By Harvey J. Platt
Tips on creating a living will and estate plan.

Disclosure: A couple of the books above were written by me. Affiliate links.


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