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Investing in Tiny Houses

by Fred Fuld III
With the high costs of buying or renting a house spreading across the nation, more and more homeowners are looking at building a tiny house in their backyard, and renters are looking to rent them.
A small house is generally considered to be between 400 and 1,000 square feet, and tiny houses are less than 400 square feet. The smallest tiny house is considered to be one that is only 80 square feet. I wonder if they hold a lot of parties in that house?
Last year, California passed new laws allowing homeowners to construct tiny houses due to the fact that rental costs have gone through the roof (no pun intended) in the state partially due to the shortage of available rental units. Some other states are following suit.
These homes can either be built by contractors or can be ordered online as a kit the is relatively easy to assemble. So what kind of a house can you get, and how much does it cost?
One of the smallest is manufactured by Luoman and is only 113 square feet. TheAllwood Escape Cabin Kit sells for only $5,350, giving you the bare bones basic.

If you are looking for a bit more space, there is the starENERGY Tiny Home Kit which sells for $21,900 plus shipping. This home falls into the small house category at 648 square feet, and may accommodate a full kitchen and pantry, bathroom, one bed room with walk in closet, laundry room and living room.

You might want to consider a 320 square foot Prefabricated Container Hotel Room Furnished Economic Modular House at $54,000.

The Allwood Avalon Cabin Kit, manufactured by Lasita, gives you 540 square feet for only $33,990 with free shipping. It includes triple glass windows and doors.
Generally, none of these come with foundation materials or shingles for the roof. Construction usually takes two people and can take anywhere from two days to a week to complete.
Maybe you can have your own real estate investment in your own back yard.

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